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Posted 17 Apr 2004


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Scan the Directory / Files (Calculating the size)

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17 Apr 2004
Scans through the directory recursively and calculates the total size.



It's a simple program which scans a directory recursively through the subfolders and sum up the size of the files. It also displays the size of the individual files, and eventually the total size of the directory.


Observe the follows:

using System;
using System.IO;

We need to include System.IO, as we are working on Files and/or Directories.

The program starts as follows:

static void Main(string[] args) 
  //Creates an object of the class getFilesInfo 
  //and calls its function displayFileInfo()
  //The argument is passed to that function 
  //which is the path to a directory or a file.
  getFilesInfo obj = new getFilesInfo();

  // displayFileInfo() is the function which does everything and 
  // sets the static variable totsize to the total size of the dir/file
  //you passed as the argument.
  Console.WriteLine("Total Size = {0}", totsize);

Now, let's look at the crux of the program:

protected void displayFileInfo(String path)
    //Checks if the path is valid or not
      Console.WriteLine("invalid path");
        //Directory.GetFiles() returns an array 
        //of strings which are not just
        //the file/directory name but the whole path to that
        //file folder.
        string[] fileList = Directory.GetFiles(path);
        for(int i=0; i {
            //File Info is a Class which extend FileSystemInfo class. 
            FileInfo finfo = new FileInfo(fileList[i]);
            //finfo.Length returns the File size. 
            totsize += finfo.Length;
            Console.WriteLine("FILE: "+fileList[i]+" :Size>"+ finfo.Length); 
      catch( System.NotSupportedException e1)
        string[] dirList = Directory.GetDirectories(path);
        for(int i=0; i {
          Console.WriteLine("DIRECTORY CHANGED:" + dirList[i]); 
          //Call the function recursively to get 
          //the file sizes in the subfolder. 
      catch( System.NotSupportedException e2)
        Console.WriteLine("Error2:"+ e2.Message);
  catch(System.UnauthorizedAccessException e)
    Console.WriteLine("Error:"+ e.Message);

You should have observed that we can't find the size of a folder directly. We should sum up the size of the files it constitutes. I think it is so because a Folder is just a pointer which points to the files and other directories. It has no size by itself. And one more thing is that the methods:


return not just the file/directory name but the whole path to that file/folder.


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About the Author

Srinivas Varukala
Web Developer
United States United States
My name is Srinivas Varukala, a citizen of India.
I m pursuing my masters in CS in the US of A.
My interests r in:
Java n its variants.
My webspace:

Comments and Discussions

QuestionOther ads free tools Pin
devvvy13-Feb-15 15:27
Memberdevvvy13-Feb-15 15:27 
There are so many shareware with annoying ads.

Here's two I found that are free + ads free:
a. Name of the tool is "Folder Size", has a GUI (let you drill down recursively)

b. Command line tool "PlatformAuditProbe" (Forensic tool kit actaully), among other things it can log directories sizes:
PlatformAuditProbe AuditMode=LocalFolders Delimitor=; ResultFileName=CDrive.csv ConnectJobControlller=false

Specify folders you want monitor in "MonitoredLocalFolders.txt"

GeneralMy vote of 1 Pin
David Crow14-Jan-10 10:42
MemberDavid Crow14-Jan-10 10:42 
GeneralGreat app Pin
sawo16-Mar-08 23:10
Membersawo16-Mar-08 23:10 
Generala typo Pin
Arfeeng13-Jan-06 12:59
MemberArfeeng13-Jan-06 12:59 
GeneralRe: a typo Pin
Srinivas Varukala13-Jan-06 13:43
MemberSrinivas Varukala13-Jan-06 13:43 
GeneralRe: a typo Pin
ryelpango11-Aug-09 17:04
Memberryelpango11-Aug-09 17:04 
Generalgood Pin
Anonymous18-Apr-04 18:27
MemberAnonymous18-Apr-04 18:27 
GeneralYou can improve. Pin
Prakash Nadar18-Apr-04 16:11
MemberPrakash Nadar18-Apr-04 16:11 
GeneralRe: You can improve. Pin
Srinivas Varukala18-Apr-04 16:53
MemberSrinivas Varukala18-Apr-04 16:53 
GeneralRe: You can improve. Pin
Paul Watson12-May-04 5:48
sitebuilderPaul Watson12-May-04 5:48 
GeneralRe: You can improve. Pin
Prakash Nadar12-May-04 7:57
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Prakash Nadar13-May-04 7:20
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Mark Focas18-Apr-04 15:31
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GeneralRe: Try using delegates Pin
Srinivas Varukala18-Apr-04 16:54
MemberSrinivas Varukala18-Apr-04 16:54 

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