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Comments by IICTECH (Top 3 by date)

IICTECH 17-Oct-13 7:06am View    
I have gone through the forum what you have suggested.
But, I didn't find any solution regarding my question.

If you have any other solution, Please suggest me.

Thanks for your reply.
IICTECH 17-Oct-13 4:34am View    
I have already tried crypto++ and I'm able to generate 512 bit DSA keypair, but the length of privatekey x parameter is varies and also the values of PQG group parameters should be constant.

When coming to beecrypt, I'm unable to install it in windows7 platform.

Please, suggest me a way to overcome these problems.

Thanks for your reply.
IICTECH 17-Oct-13 2:31am View    
Thanks for your quick responce.

How to get the library to use this code in VC++ 2010