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Comments by Yuriy Loginov (Top 158 by date)

Yuriy Loginov 8-Jan-16 17:55pm View    
Did you add your TableRow to the TableLayout? So something like this tableLayout.addView(taRow);
Yuriy Loginov 11-Dec-15 14:45pm View    
You are welcome and good luck with the app
Yuriy Loginov 7-Jul-14 15:42pm View    
Client no longer interested in data match up or test run.
Yuriy Loginov 4-Jul-14 14:55pm View    
Lisa is going to meet the DevExpress team to discuss further
Yuriy Loginov 4-Jul-14 14:00pm View    
Phase 1 of the report is now live and is available on apps.DM reports section.

For Phase 2 we need to figure out how to track the bounce rate. Add fill rate column to the KPI report: # ads sent / # slots * # of subscribers.

Modify the publication performance report to the fill rate by slot.