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Comments by Casey Sheridan (Top 49 by date)

Casey Sheridan 11-Nov-14 21:28pm View    
Aha. That actually explains a lot.
I have SE 8 but maybe my instructor has SE 6 or something.
If that is the case, that would explain why he marked it as failing to run.
Casey Sheridan 11-Nov-14 0:59am View    
I have run every possible option and it seems to work as desired every time.
Casey Sheridan 10-Nov-14 23:52pm View    
You make a good point.
In the actual assignment, the possible inputs were simple enough to case-sensitivity irrelevant but I would normally put them in.

Since the code I submitted for the assignment actually ran correctly, though, I'm really trying to figure out what was not acceptable about it--like did I break some crucial rule of Java or something.

(BTW, I don't do Java either. Only for this required class)
Casey Sheridan 10-Nov-14 23:44pm View    
I certainly agree about there being a better way to do validation. I also agree that assigning the string to a variable would have probably been a better deal.
However, my biggest question is why what I did was wrong (not just "not the best").
Casey Sheridan 10-Nov-14 22:48pm View    
The context is that we were validating user input, and, instead of using a series of "if's", I used a single switch.