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ranjeet.waje 12-Jul-13 6:51am View    
Hi gaurav,

I used ur all design and just replace ur droplist panel with above one.
not on sepearte page
ranjeet.waje 10-Apr-12 3:16am View    
Hey ajit,

In my window app, I hav one excel sheet. On button click I want take data from excel sheet row by row and run into the command prompt and then whatever output i will get from that want to export into the excel sheet again.

hey thank for support and please help.

Ranjeet waje
ranjeet.waje 10-Apr-12 3:12am View    
Thanks devpter,

Thank for your help. can you help me in, "how i execute excel data into command prompt in".
and also i want export the output into excel sheet.
will that possible in

If yes,then please help me.

Ranjeet waje
ranjeet.waje 27-Mar-12 0:21am View    
hey its a tab in which you can show multiple forms(like in dropdownlist you show multiple values) in your web applications.