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BotCar 19-Sep-14 3:41am View    
When asking questions, please do the following:
1. Place your code in code blocks. It makes it much more readable.
2. For heaven's sake, don't post a massive code dump without any explanation of what's wrong. Post only the code we need to see, and explain in plain English what is wrong.
BotCar 29-Aug-14 11:23am View    
Then you need to use this.Invoke when updating your datagrid.

To prevent the user from messing with the main window, you could also kick off GetData on a background thread just before showing frmLoading as a dialog. This will block the UI thread while frmLoading is open, so you will have to programmatically close it just before updating your datagrid.

I updated my answer to show this.
BotCar 29-Aug-14 9:24am View    
Well how do you define "when I click the mouse"? Is it when you press the button down? Or when you release the button? Or when you press the button down and release it shortly thereafter?

What I'm getting at is this: How is the behaviour you observe different from the behaviour you expect or want?
BotCar 29-Aug-14 9:06am View    
When do you want the mouseclick to trigger?
BotCar 7-Mar-14 7:46am View    
You don't call the method yourself. You wait for the user to click the menu item, then .NET will call the method for you.