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Comments by wmjordan (Top 8 by date)

wmjordan 2-Oct-11 1:13am View    
This solution is neat. Maybe it is even more useful to return the newly created Form object.
wmjordan 10-Aug-11 2:47am View    
Hey, the average time of ThumbnailLow shall be "around 6 to 7 ms", not "6/7 ms", which is somewhat misleading to "less than 1 ms".
wmjordan 3-Aug-11 21:28pm View    
Thank you for the reply. Actually it is not quite an "alternative" to this tip.
FinalReleaseComObject uses a loop calling ReleaseComObject until the COM object reference counter is decreased to zero, then the COM object can be released. In structural code, the COM object could be referenced by other external .NET instances, thus it may be inappropriate to use FinalReleaseComObject. Thank you for adding this side note.
wmjordan 22-Apr-11 7:52am View    
Thank you for verifying this. :)
wmjordan 19-Apr-11 6:29am View    
I've tested the code and found nothing wrong.
It might due to wrong encoding. If you save the script file with the Unicode + BOM (byte order mark) encoding, the "Compile error" will occur. You shall save the js file with the ANSI encoding.

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