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roman_s 12-Jan-12 9:53am View     CRLF
theres 2 tables in this dataset. They have a relation between a column called "Reporting Date" When I take this dataset and bind these to a grid I can access the first table through Grid.PrimaryGrid.Columns but I can't access the second table which is nested to the first table.
roman_s 24-Oct-11 14:10pm View     CRLF
I tried the above code, the application still hangs and wireshark reports end of stream (after several expected packets, I get 0xAA, 0x55 as my closing flags) then the system continues to keep the connection alive. I can't exit the loop code to close the connection and need to keep the while statement in receiving. Through this code that I wrote, I can get the size of bytes to expect. I also can expect 0xAA followed by 0x55 as the closing flag. Any ideas how I can implement this to get out of the while loop and close connection? int interval = 0; if (interval == 0) { byte[] aSize = new byte[3]; aSize[0] = buffer[2]; aSize[1] = buffer[3]; aSize[2] = buffer[4]; buffSize = ConvertByteArrayToInt(aSize); }
roman_s 29-Sep-11 12:14pm View     CRLF
Oh forgot to mention Table A also has a UPC Column im trying to update all UPC of table A from UPC from table C
roman_s 17-May-11 10:31am View     CRLF
Works Great returns back the byte values in the bit array.. instead of using the method to return the array list I just assigned a byte array list to the string select/linq method string input = "0x02 0x07 0x03 0xFF"; byte[] bArray = input.Split(' ').Select(s => Convert.ToByte(s, 16)).ToArray(); Thanks to everyone for their help, also the links above were great to learn more about our little value type byte.