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Comments by borchef (Top 3 by date)

borchef 6-Oct-15 7:42am View    
thanks very much.
borchef 12-Jan-15 5:39am View    
yes that was very cool and it helped me getting started, the installation, and the skeleton app are easy. Although sometimes some minor problems arose.
But when i wanted to do a normal website with translated links i found it very difficult to find good answers.
ANd now that i found my answers and implemented them i would like some discussion about them and how good they are. Where problems could arise and how to use caching in an efficient way.
I find no real solution on the forum for this.
Also most questions on the forum go unanswered.

greetings Rob
borchef 12-Jan-15 4:48am View    
I have been there and done that.

I have found no answers there.

and the community is not so friendly or is it me?