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Ron Beyer 27-Jan-14 10:03am View    
Ron Beyer 27-Jan-14 9:45am View    
"In contrast, "==" returns true as long as they are equal even they are of different type e.g. 2 == "2" return true"

Maybe in Java or PHP, but not in C#, you may want to clarify that.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 21:15pm View    
Even the concept of zero was adopted quite late, however there is a good reason finance "morons" use parens rather than a - sign. The reason is that when doing ledger sheets, debits are positive, credits are positive, and the balance is also positive. In order to quickly scan a very big list for a negative balance, its put in parenthesis to make it stand out more. In handwriting, a small - can be hard to spot quickly.

With the advent of computers its just a hold-over from "the old way".

+5 :)
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 19:03pm View    
Is there anything in between the lines string Notes = ... and string Refund = ... ? Sounds like you have an extra } somewhere.
Ron Beyer 26-Jan-14 12:31pm View    
One of those 5000's should have a >= by it, otherwise a salary of exactly 5000 will fall through the if's.