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Comments by Matt U. (Top 4 by date)

Matt U. 7-Feb-14 15:13pm View    
This certainly must be homework or something like that. I remember a recruiter asking me this very question recently. I must say, he was surprised at the fact that I responded with the solution in under a minute, and it was 100% correct. Simply because it has a bit of a "trick" to the logic. ;)
Matt U. 3-Jul-11 10:38am View    
I honestly don't know why I did that, haha. I apologize for the slight misdirection.
Matt U. 12-Dec-10 21:17pm View    
Alright, I figured that would be the case. One question though. Will I need to create the other objects (data tables and such) manually as well? Or can I tie them to a custom connection object?

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Matt U. 9-Oct-10 14:40pm View    
I was not aware of this until fairly recently, when I ran some old code through VS 2010's code analysis. I researched the issue and realized what I did wrong. Most definitely something that is too often left out. :-P