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vantoora 1-Oct-12 7:35am View    
Dear Sergey,
So here I am for the details of my project that I was thinking to make with the process we discussed earlier.
I have 4 servers for production use, and 4 servers for backup (hot backup)
The productions server contains millions of files (most of them a xml and jpg files, means little files). I have to backup all of those files by using "robocopy" (a µsoft's program) every 30 minutes.
Files are classified as a project (e.g. ProjectA, ProjectB, ProjectC, ...) and my tasks scheduler are configured accordingly.
Everytime there is a new project, I need to make a new script for that project, and everytime a project is finished I need to delete data of that project on my backup server (once someone else informed me that they have finished the project and archived it).
For the backup I do not need to compare the source with the destination folder but only copy new files (incremental backup), so I need to check often the destination if it is not full (the space disk), and if it is full I need to make a mirroring one time.
So what I need to achieve is to centralize one system which :
1. can create a script automatically once a new project is added (done)
2. can create a mirroring script if there is a low disk space or a purge from the source was made (done but manually)
3. can verify if a new project is added but I was not informed (done)
4. send me the logs of backup process by mail (done)
5. send me the logs of errors happened during backup process by mail (done)
6. create a script which verify all space disk and create script for purge accordingly and execute the script once there is a full/low disk space (not yet done...)
... means a backup system management.

For the point (2) it's done manually everytime so need to check my 4 servers everyday.
For the point (6) this is where I need to develop a program like NSClient++ so I can run the script automatically. Just setting up a task scheduler on my box and it'll run automatically for me. I just need to check my mail so even at home I can have an idea of what happen on my servers.

So waiting for your suggestion for that.
If I am not more clear, you can ask.

Thank you.
vantoora 1-Oct-12 3:52am View    
Dear Sergey,
Thanks for your last solution but I think the first is more appropriate of what I need.
I'll stand by this project for 3 weeks from now as I'm working on a new project on Linux. It's on Centreon+Nagios (a monitoring web application).
And from this study, if you already heard about Nagios and/or Centreon you'll get exactly what will my goal. Centreon have a service permanently running on a server (a linux one) and to check the status of a remote server I need to install NSClient++ (permanently running as a service on a remote windows server) and the server ask NSClient++ to get some information (cpu usage, memory usage, disk space, ...) and it will return the desired information back.
So this is exactly what I need to achieve.
As I have this idea in my head I'll try to describe you what I'm going to do with this kind of software this afternoon so you can judge if it's feasible or not.

Thanks again for considering my project.
vantoora 21-Sep-12 11:45am View    
Thanks to you.
Yeah this is what I expected to have.
To tell you the truth I don't know yet what I'm going to do with this kind of project for a real use in my work but I just want to know something else. I'm not a guru in C# but tried to be one.
I'm now experiencing on creating many kind of Application Service and then will try to manipulate it with ServiceController and will back again here as I already have some question but better next time when I'll finish to study.
vantoora 21-Sep-12 3:59am View    
Thank you for your reply Sergey.
I think I would start from the links you provided and then come back to you for the situation status.
And I am conscious that notepad will not appear on my own screen, and this is not my approach. I just need to initiate the remote program to run something on the server hosting the program. Maybe I just need a log file, or something like that but it is not yet what I need for the moment.

Thanks again for your help.
vantoora 29-Aug-12 1:49am View    
That's for sure.
I'll arrange my time to study LINQ and then I'll be back for this project with the right method as I tried another method for now going on.