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Comments by Elmue (Top 4 by date)

Elmue 16-Mar-23 9:09am View    
Benoit: You have a completely wrong idea how tab controls work. No control is moved around between forms at all. The main form is not affected by changing a tab. Only the controls in the System.Windows.Forms.TabPage are made visible or invisible.
Elmue 4-Jan-23 7:35am View    
Graeme_Grant: What a nonsense comment! First: The accepted answer is wrong. Second: Lots of people are sent here from Google still today. So please think at least a tiny bit before posting comments!
Elmue 8-Jan-21 16:05pm View    
Well you just have to read the link on Stackoverflow that I posted above.
Elmue 19-Nov-16 9:09am View    
And what is your problem?
You know that even in 10 years in the future people will STILL find this question by googleing?