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Comments by yakobom (Top 3 by date)

yakobom 1-Jul-12 2:41am View    
I just rechecked and I get a D3DERR_INVALIDCALL on GetRenderTargetData (and that's weird, since I am able to get a valid DC from pRenderSurfaceTMP). Any suggestions?
yakobom 5-Apr-11 0:22am View    
In Fact, my extension is already working in IE8, and indeed loading in each process. My extension loads its own dedicated tab, which I need to activate once the user searched for something via the dedicated search box. I know which tab is it, I have the HWND, but can't make it the active one when I want it to be. I've tried using accessibility, message sending, various Windows api...
Any ideas?

yakobom 4-Apr-11 3:23am View    
Of course. Wouldn't bother you guys otherwise.