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Comments by David 'dex' Schwartz (Top 4 by date)

David 'dex' Schwartz 24-Apr-20 11:10am View    
Later standards addressed this and so this answer is no longer true.
David 'dex' Schwartz 7-Jun-17 7:05am View    
Very broken code. Either use a fixed array of link nodes or use the heap but not mix them up the way you currently do.
The question of how to detect ->()<- translates to:
For each node.
Find all links that end at that node.
If it has (at least?) two terminating links then print it.
David 'dex' Schwartz 7-Jun-17 5:42am View    
Do you have the C# set up with the correct Reference entry for your DLL?
Are you able to debug the call to QueryInterface in your ReadDATFile object?

Please post the following information.

IDL for the ReadDATFile object.
ReadDATFile header file with class declaration, all interfaces and COM related macro based declarations.
If you have a customer QueryInterface implementation you should post that too.
David 'dex' Schwartz 8-Mar-17 3:50am View    
and ALL your code, including the header file...