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Comments by Alexandru Lungu (Top 3 by date)

Alexandru Lungu 8-Nov-14 19:18pm View    
Reason for my vote of 1 \n I've downloaded the source code and looked it - very bad programming technique:
- everything is in main
- variable names are not intuitive (b,sx,sy,z,col,x1...)
- everything is hard coded (if the image must be moved 1 pixel, then the code must be rewritten entirely!!!)

Turbo C in DOS Mode?!? And for graphics?!? I did that when I was in high school, but there is no need to resurrect the dark ages.
Alexandru Lungu 13-Nov-13 19:23pm View    
Then, what do you mean by "It works some times"?
Alexandru Lungu 12-Nov-13 13:43pm View    
By "A process thread running in the client", you mean in your client app, not in the browser; which means that the your app must be already open...