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Comments by jschell (Top 11 by date)

jschell 28-Nov-13 13:02pm View    
You need to provide more information than that - EXACTLY what didn't "work"?

If you are getting a different error message (one that doesn't mention the DSN) then it is different problem
jschell 23-Nov-13 17:00pm View    
Then the client would be closing it. But it tells you the server is.

As another suggestion if one side uses SSL and the other doesn't you might see this (although I consider that you would see the exact error less likely to appear for that reason.)
jschell 23-Nov-13 16:58pm View you know what the difference between debug libraries and release libraries is?
jschell 27-Dec-12 14:46pm View    
Then you should be able to use the above to explicitly hide them (so set it rather that using 'Use Defaults')
jschell 26-Dec-12 13:43pm View    
The debugger can't trap something that isn't a problem. Until it reaches the problem area it isn't a problem.

Your other apps work because you are using the library differently and/or the execution path is different.

There are libraries that you can use with C++ that allow you to more easily find pointer problems however manual inspection is still your friend (noting again that the problem is caused by code other than that where the exception occurs.)