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__John_ 9-Apr-15 11:11am View
Thanks Richard, I can know the scale factor by using getScaleX and getScaleY, I can determine the text size required, but Spinner has no setTextSize method.
I guess there is a TextView in there somewhere, but I have been unsuccessful trying to get access to it.
__John_ 9-Apr-15 11:01am View
To do this using QSL you would first need to put the information required in to the database. i.e. a list of users and how many db's each has opened.
Doing it with SQL is probably not the best approach, but could be made to work, but only if you provide the required data first.
__John_ 6-Apr-15 11:57am View
I inserted the column and then read back the dflt_value, it showed the text with quote's, which broke my code. But as you say an inserted row does get the correct value. My bad.
__John_ 16-Nov-12 6:57am View
I assume the language is C++, you dont state.
You need to show declaration of 'CardDetails' and 'pinblock'.
Also CPinPad::GenPinBlock takes 3 strings, you are calling it with 2.
__John_ 16-Nov-12 5:36am View
What is a 'container class frame'?
__John_ 7-Nov-12 10:13am View
Try changing 'bit' from 'long' to 'int'.
__John_ 7-Nov-12 9:35am View
I hope someone can answer this.
It seems the '<<' operator cannot be applyed to any type, short, int or long. Makes no sense.
__John_ 7-Nov-12 9:17am View
Using the resource editor can be a bit tricky when trying to position controls exactly. You could try setting the position programaticaly when the dialog opens.
__John_ 6-Nov-12 11:11am View
You have no way of knowing when they have finished typing.
You would have to do it when they press the button "Log in" or something similar.
__John_ 6-Nov-12 9:19am View
You can add your own event but you would need some trigger to fire it.
What do you mean by Shown? i.e. Bring to front? Paint? Or something else?
__John_ 6-Nov-12 8:58am View
UserControl does not have a Shown event, but it does have a Load event.
__John_ 11-Oct-12 9:49am View
"without loads of resize-eventhandlers"
In that case, I dont know.
__John_ 8-Oct-12 4:37am View
Looks like you are mixing C and C++ and this is causing you problems.
Are you compiling C++ code using the C compiler?
__John_ 21-Sep-12 8:35am View
Multitouch is not dependant on OnCreate(). Why do you think you need OnCreate()?
__John_ 6-Sep-12 8:10am View
I think you need to re-phrase your question. It is not clear what you are asking.
__John_ 6-Sep-12 8:07am View
I cant think of any reason why you cant have more than one rich edit control.
The code you posted looks fine.
What error are you getting, where do you hit a problem?
__John_ 6-Aug-12 10:29am View
It might work but it stinks.
__John_ 6-Aug-12 10:28am View
Could you call your Print function from the form that owns the one you want to print?

Otherwise I think you might need to overide OnPaint.
__John_ 7-Jun-12 5:10am View
The port is probably waiting for 21 bytes to be received.
__John_ 18-May-12 8:13am View
Most encryption methods are non-orthogonal i.e they only go one way. So the answer is almost certanly, you cant do it.