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Comments by Henrik Jonsson (Top 8 by date)

Henrik Jonsson 7-Aug-17 13:38pm View    
Are you planning to use Windows Forms or WPF?

Also please see previous related question:
Henrik Jonsson 20-Oct-16 15:18pm View    
Check the stack trace to see whether you end up in a call to remove or add while you are iterating from the same thread.
Henrik Jonsson 27-Aug-16 8:09am View    
You should state what type of error (Exception) you get, to let us help you better.

Please observe that there is a 2G size limit of any .NET object, even on 64-bit systems. See
Henrik Jonsson 24-Jun-16 3:21am View    
I think you must explain a little bit more and show where you have put the above code. Only if you put it in the SelectedValueChanged event handler it might work. However, your conversion to String and then to Int64 seems very strange.
Henrik Jonsson 2-Apr-16 16:05pm View    
you indicate above that you have tried with a manifest. However, are you sure that you have an "app.manifest" file with the following line: <requestedexecutionlevel level="requireAdministrator" uiaccess="false">
and that file is specified as the Manifest file in VS Project properties. If this is the case you should get a prompt for evaluated access whenever you start the program and then not get any UnauthorizedAccessException exception when you try to copy to a folder under c:\Program files\. I just tried that.

Please try that and good luck.