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Comments by Greg Osborne (Top 5 by date)

Greg Osborne 27-Apr-11 14:56pm View    
Suggest looking at it with an editor that will display hex values (such as EditPlus). Then you can be sure it is ascii 32 (hex 20).
Greg Osborne 27-Apr-11 14:26pm View    
Could the character be a null character (ascii 0)? Some editors change this to space, others display it as a box, some ignore it so you wouldn't even know it's there. are you sure it's specifically ascii 32 (chr(32))?
Greg Osborne 27-Apr-11 13:34pm View    
Some people just aren't satisfied with the size of their (points)!!!! ;-)
Greg Osborne 27-Apr-11 13:18pm View    
My question for this is: "Why are you blocking the main thread from running?" If we can understand why you are blocking, we could possibly provided a better method. If you are waiting for another process shouldn't you spawn another thread and provide notification to the main thread that the process has finished? Blocking the main thread is not a good choice as it seems to the user that your app has locked (which it has).
Greg Osborne 27-Apr-11 13:10pm View    
This blocks, so why call it?