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Comments by bryce (Top 14 by date)

bryce 18-Dec-16 19:37pm View
which motion detection library are you using?
bryce 9-Oct-14 21:30pm View
So you want a barcode scanner and you want to write software for it for a shop - i'd have thought there were plenty of solutions just waiting to be purchased and installed on the shop's pc

bryce 9-Oct-14 21:23pm View
erm - what seems to be your issue? other than "it has an error"
bryce 20-Oct-13 20:47pm View
easy and very simple answer is to use the google site search tool thingy
then you're just plugging it in and letting google index etc the site for you

bryce 16-Oct-13 0:50am View
i'm guessing you're using the .net serial port class...
and when you try and open the serial port its throwing an exception and yo don't know why?
How about you tell us some more about your problem so we have data to work on

however access denied would suggest something (antherprogram) has already got the serial port in question open.

bryce 15-Oct-13 21:13pm View
can you explain more about what you want to do

bryce 15-Oct-13 1:23am View
yeah ahh how about some background on this one
bryce 14-Oct-13 1:57am View
erm why are you not bulk inserting?
bryce 11-Oct-13 2:10am View
dude thats the point, you cant decrypt it....well you can if (for example) you shore a large database of md5s
like these guys did‎


same question asked here


bryce 11-Oct-13 0:32am View
you might need to tell us a lot more about it...
the default windows form app already has a simple form as a basic starting point, did you build and run that before adding your extra form?

bryce 11-Oct-13 0:29am View
the basic windows form project already has a default basic Form to begin with.
Did you build and run the basic app before adding your new extra form?

bryce 11-Oct-13 0:26am View
he wants you to do it for him

bryce 9-Oct-13 2:18am View
sounds like homework/class exercises to me
bryce 29-Sep-13 21:39pm View
exercise for the reader old chap ;)