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Comments by Rick York (Top 200 by date)

Rick York 16-Sep-23 12:48pm View    
Except for loop indexes, you should avoid using single letters for variable names. They are detrimental to readability.
Rick York 14-Sep-23 12:57pm View    
Your code is not trying to open thirdDlg. It is calling ShowWindow on the dialog after setting its position. That means it has to be open first. Did the trace message say the thirdDlg was valid or not? Also - make sure it is being moved to a valid position. Actually I would try it first by not moving it just to rule out that aspect of things.
Rick York 12-Sep-23 11:16am View    
It is on the border line but, for the most part, yes.
Rick York 11-Sep-23 13:24pm View    
Yes, good point. In my testing I made the triangle struct use doubles which made the casts unnecessary and I forgot to include that in the post.
Rick York 8-Sep-23 18:09pm View    
What I don't understand is why you have to load the DLL and obtain the function address. You can build a static link library and make that unnecessary. Normally when a DLL is built a .LIB file is generated so, again, you don't have load the DLL at run-time. In other words, if you link to the library correctly you will not have to load it at run-time.