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Stryder_1 2-May-18 12:11pm View     CRLF
When you debug, does TempData["username"] contain a value before the RedirectToAction call? If so, when the Details function is executed, does the TempData["username"] still have a value?
Stryder_1 2-May-18 12:06pm View     CRLF
Since you only call this function once in your application, you probably will not be concerned with point #2. If you want to learn more about it though, search for Asynchronous programming. From what I can tell, you do not really need a new array allocated with each minimum count. Instead, reuse the array you have already created. You would declare your array before the do-while loop. Then instead of instantiating an array with each loop, reset the values in the array to a number you would not receive from the serial port. For example, if you do not expect negative values, you could initialize each array value with -1. This will eliminate the allocation/deallocation processing for each loop iteration.
Stryder_1 10-May-12 10:49am View     CRLF
Yes, he doesn't know what he's doing, that's why he's posting here for help ;-) And again yes, it's a country, but if it's stored in a generic object array, you won't be able to access the Country_Name property unless you explicitly cast it.
Stryder_1 10-May-12 10:30am View    
Was attempting to use the author's own code as much as possible. I think he is attempting to cast the object in the array to a Country, not the name string. I don't know if the countries array is a typed list or just an object array, so I left it.