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stixoffire 14-Dec-16 16:58pm View    
No it can't try using the result set in a secondary SQL statement - so call the stored procedure and then try to use those results in the same SQL Statement - using only SQL. No C#, VB, PHP, etc.. you will find it can not.
stixoffire 16-Oct-16 22:04pm View    
I know this is late but for others that might be reading.
dgvCaseLst1.ClearSelection() - The selection Changed event will Fire!
dgvCaseLst1.Rows(Pi_CaseIndex).Selected = True , The selection Changed the Event will fire!
This code inside the event handler
dgvCaseLst1.Rows(Pi_CaseIndex).Selected = True
Will not cause a SelectionChanged Event because the selection did not change from the line that set this to begin with. Of course this depends on the order of his calling methods. Do not trigger the same event with in the handler - this is a no no. There is a lot wrong with the code above but that is why he has the event firing like crazy.
stixoffire 22-Oct-15 20:43pm View    
Did not see that..
stixoffire 1-Sep-15 15:34pm View    
I had a race condition with WCF. Seems checking state ICommunication obj is not a good thing , yet the examples show this.
I am able to update the UI now I use a threaded binding list, which has it's own SynchronizationContext with send or post back methods works pretty nicely and I was able to transform it into a RollingQueue. My updates take general about 14ms for merging the data initially it was 0 but I had to add some logical checks and handle those so the time went up.
stixoffire 17-Aug-15 17:11pm View    
Ok I am getting the first part updating data - may not have finished and so it runs the code again (or tries to). To handle this I think maybe I will do this: Run a background worker , if it is busy no need to continue just skip and wait for next push of data . I know in the run worker complete event I can then update the bindingsource.resetbinding(false) and set my values for the scroll position on datagridview.

As for the users ability to scroll the data while it is being updated - how in the world is this accomplished to make it appear seemless (do people cache this and go virtual mode?), my laptop has 8 cores in it an 24GB - the code I have going is consuming 25% of the CPU cycle time. - I only have 30 rows with minimum data.