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Comments by Bahram Ettehadieh (Top 4 by date)

Bahram Ettehadieh 29-Nov-11 2:58am View    
websites like yahoo, gmail... sign out the first user when the second user logs in with same user name, I also have done that in the login method, also the user will be automatically signed out when the session expires
Bahram Ettehadieh 29-Nov-11 2:53am View    
well I want to keep the site running, and test it from the local machine before making it available to the public, we can also make it available to certain IPs so that they test it to
Bahram Ettehadieh 20-Jul-11 1:36am View    
I'm not sure that's possible, at least using server side code, its the nature of the session state, all open windows with same browser share a single session, this is the way all they websites handle such issue (like yahoo or gmail)
Bahram Ettehadieh 5-Jul-11 6:15am View    
Thanks for the comment, fixed it