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Saksida Bojan 13-Dec-10 14:07pm View    
the error should tell you everything. For some reason the port does not close, if the unseen error occourd there is a possibility that the port wasn't closed. You can try if you get that error message try sending even if port is can not be open or try something like thiss
// Open port
try {
//Some code that sends and then close port
} catch (System:Exception) { // Close port in case it didn't close it }
Saksida Bojan 13-Dec-10 13:53pm View    
installshield is a setup creator from Flexera software company. There are plenty of a free and open source installer and some are comercial.
VS2005 has something called: Setup & Deployment
NSIS 2 is a scriptable installer from nullsoft.
and if you arent happy, google it
Saksida Bojan 13-Dec-10 13:38pm View    
So for IE, crome or FF what do you put for if (p.ProcessName == "??")
And can you try p.MainModule.ProcessName or something. Since i am not in front of VS i can not garante accuarty but MainModule is always a startup module of an exe. MainWindowHandle always return 0 can mean a few thing, It is a system process, windows isn't created but exsist only in process as a modul or your app does not have PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION permision. Try ranning as administrator. But this answer could be inacurate.
Saksida Bojan 10-Dec-10 12:44pm View    
I do not understand word scintillate. So what is it?
And since You mention a DoubleBuffer, do you have a flicker problem? A DoubleBuffer is made so that drawings are done in memory and when OnPaint Method finish it draws on screen. If it was disabled, all Drawing code in OnPaint method would draw to screen imeadtly.
Saksida Bojan 10-Dec-10 11:24am View    
It isn't that simple. txtCiphered1, txtCiphered2 are two difrent object with assigned variable witch you call it directly. But if you use Controls of a parent container (That can be tabControl, form or others) and cycle through controls. the abowe answer is correct. You used txtCipher(i+1) witch is invalid syntax. It is used as a calling to method/function. If you have added text box via designer, they automatcly populate Name proprties for reference. you can check name of textbox to see if you have correct textbox, but programaticly Name propertiy isn't used, but designer convinently populates it. ex: if (item as TextBox).Name == "txtCiphered1")