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Paul Heil 27-Apr-12 11:41am View
If you want to create a process with increased permissions, then you need to use CreateProcessAsUser or CreateProcessesWithLogon.
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 16:56pm View
cheater! I was going to show him how to get there. :-P
ah, well.
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 16:55pm View
If you set a breakpoint there and hold your mouse over "first" what value does it show?
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 16:28pm View
Both solutions posted use SendMessage or PostMessage.
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 16:22pm View
If you're using Windows, MSDN has an article on the various methods of interprocess communications available:
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 16:10pm View
Under Debug->Exceptions check the "Thrown" box for "Win32 Exceptions"
Run the program in debug mode.
What line of code is the debugger pointing to when the program throws the exception?
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 16:02pm View
you can never say:

char* something = inet_ntoa( ... );

That will always be wrong because "something" will cease to be valid. So get rid of the line:

addr2 = inet_ntoa(sockAddr2.sin_addr);

also, I was in a hurry before. You don't need a 100 character buffer, you only need 16 characters to represent an IP address plus null terminator.

Where are you getting the "return value doesn't match function type" error?
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 14:28pm View
Your project must be built using UNICODE to support Japanese.
Paul Heil 10-Nov-11 14:27pm View
What is a "Standard_CString"? Can't you just use a CString?
All that casting should be unnecessary. Just say "CString aFileName = dlg.GetPathName();"

Verify that in your project properties you have set UNICODE character set and not MULTIBYTE.
Paul Heil 9-Nov-11 16:34pm View
Yes, you can reference the copied string At any time during its lifetime.
Paul Heil 9-Nov-11 16:32pm View
You cannot make it return anything other than what it is documented to return. You can check to see if your string is empty after the copy and set it to, if you like.
Paul Heil 9-Nov-11 15:59pm View
Can you show your code using the CFileDialog?
Also, verify you're using wide-characters. (you should see WCHAR, LPWSTR, std::wstring, etc...) If you're using TCHAR or LPTSTR, then verify your code is being compiled for unicode and has the UNICODE #define set.
Paul Heil 13-Sep-11 17:17pm View
How is it failing? Is there an error code or message? How are you calling the function? Please, post more details.
Paul Heil 8-Sep-11 9:38am View
count() isn't part of the c++ standard (in the way you're using it). Ergo, it is either code in your project or in a library you are using. If it's in a library, please let us know what library you're using. If it's in your code, please post it.
Paul Heil 8-Sep-11 9:36am View
Now I'm confused. In your post, you said the contents of 'data' were a given. Reading between the lines, I guessed you were trying to print the number of times the string "HTTP" appears in the zero-terminated character string 'data'. The value returned by your `count()` function isn't what you expected. (it returned 0, but should return 1).

If this synopsis is correct, then the issue must be in your `count()` function. Try replacing it with the one I posted.

If this is incorrect, please restate your problem.

If you think the `data` variable doesn't contain the information you think it does, try running your code on the debugger and watching the `data` variable to see what it actually does contain.
Paul Heil 2-Sep-11 19:10pm View
That's for pdb files. He's concerned with .lib (COFF) files.
Paul Heil 2-Sep-11 19:09pm View
Yes, that's correct.
It will work fine for dynamically loaded libraries, too
Paul Heil 2-Sep-11 14:30pm View
What is the error code returned by ProgIDFromCLSID() ?
Paul Heil 12-Aug-11 9:36am View
SendInput will move the mouse cursor around the screen.
Paul Heil 11-Aug-11 10:52am View
As a general 'best practice', it's best to not redefine language keywords. Remove that "#define inline" at the top of your code.
Paul Heil 11-Aug-11 10:51am View
Not in his code it isn't. He's defined inline to nothingness at the top.
Paul Heil 30-Jun-11 9:21am View
How does this tool compare with Microsoft's Application Verifier?
Paul Heil 26-Feb-11 10:20am View
Paul Heil 25-Feb-11 22:55pm View
Paul Heil 3-Dec-10 11:22am View
I can do that. (see edit)
Paul Heil 24-Nov-10 11:09am View
Correct. It will work only on WM6.5/CE5 and older devices.
Paul Heil 1-Nov-10 16:11pm View
Does your application compile without warnings? What if you bump it up to warning level 4?

Does your header contain anything other than function definitions? static int some_variable = 0, for example? If it does, are you sure those aren't defined elsewhere?