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Comments by Sigmond Gatt (Top 63 by date)

Sigmond Gatt 3-Nov-20 4:57am View
I updated my question but still the same error ( illegal invocation)
Sigmond Gatt 23-Apr-19 4:36am View
can you help me with writing my won serialer/deserializer etc ?
Sigmond Gatt 20-Apr-19 13:45pm View
i will check it out , didnt now it was possible
Sigmond Gatt 19-Apr-19 5:38am View
ok thanks i will :)
Sigmond Gatt 18-Apr-19 12:41pm View
this is my dissertation, that's why it is like a business application :/
Sigmond Gatt 18-Apr-19 12:40pm View
but could it be done with c# , etc i could nto find any tutorials
Sigmond Gatt 20-Feb-19 4:58am View
yeahh thanks for your time brother :).
Sigmond Gatt 20-Feb-19 4:45am View
omgg ! ... thanks bro :)
Sigmond Gatt 13-Feb-19 8:07am View
and if every form group have more than one field .. how can i get the data the user inputted ?
Sigmond Gatt 19-Oct-18 15:42pm View
i know , i do not want the answer i want to know how to calculate it.
Sigmond Gatt 6-Sep-18 1:40am View
so i have a file with insert all into.... then i am calling that file from my cmd and will run that file .. I think that the problem is that it is taking the query in the file line by line and not as one query.
Sigmond Gatt 5-Sep-18 1:04am View
is this SQL syntax ? as i tried this method but it is not working, maybe because i am using oracle ?
Sigmond Gatt 5-Sep-18 1:02am View
it will take time , i have found that you can make 1000 inserts into 1 query but i do not know how.
Sigmond Gatt 5-Sep-18 1:02am View
i tried that but it is not possible it think that this is SQL syntax and i am using oracle.
Sigmond Gatt 4-Sep-18 8:42am View
im using oracle
Sigmond Gatt 4-Sep-18 6:21am View
if i have insert into table1 values ("hello", "bye");

for 8000 times but the values are all different .. how can i split them into 8 queries ?

Thanks you for your help.
Sigmond Gatt 4-Sep-18 4:29am View
so how can i split them can you please help me ?

if i have :

insert into table1 values ("hello1");

for 8000 times .. how can i split it into 8 queries ?
Sigmond Gatt 28-Aug-18 1:04am View
it may be good idea , but when it comes to cmd , the cmd will insert each query one by one and that is taking time. i will try bcp maybe it works
Sigmond Gatt 14-Aug-18 8:49am View
give more information about you issue.
Sigmond Gatt 14-Aug-18 2:16am View
when i used filestream i did FIleShare.readwrite, but now i had to change things to streamwriter/reader and this issue pops.. maybe there a way i can do the filesharing thing to streamwriter/reader.
Sigmond Gatt 13-Aug-18 8:46am View
ohh it was already being filtered , Everyhting ok now thanks :)
Sigmond Gatt 13-Aug-18 8:24am View
if original list mean the list your getting , no :/
sorry im not understand the meaning of the original list
Sigmond Gatt 13-Aug-18 8:06am View
yes it is in the same directory
Sigmond Gatt 13-Aug-18 7:46am View
i am debugging it and changed the return to true but the method is still not returning todaylog.txt with other textfiles for this month
Sigmond Gatt 13-Aug-18 7:32am View
sorry but you confused me a little , as far as i am understanding im not getting the file TodayLog.txt but with this method right ?
Sigmond Gatt 13-Aug-18 6:29am View
the main problem is that i need to get TodayLog.txt as well. I already getting the paths of that files that ends with a date
Sigmond Gatt 10-Aug-18 8:31am View
Make this comment as a solution.
Sigmond Gatt 10-Aug-18 8:26am View
First of all thanks for understanding me , I think it is comming in the middle of my file because i am inputting multiple files into 1 and i am reading the wholes files including these characters as well, i will try to check about streamreaders and streamwriters maybe i can work with them
Sigmond Gatt 10-Aug-18 8:06am View
Question updated , maybe it can help you more im really sorry but english is not my first language
Sigmond Gatt 9-Aug-18 6:18am View
i will check it :) thank you very much :)
Sigmond Gatt 9-Aug-18 3:02am View
i just updated the solution right now. If there is any problems do not hesitate to ask :)
Sigmond Gatt 9-Aug-18 1:41am View
hi sorry for the spamming, in one of my method i have this code :
public List<int> LoadFileForNumberOfErrors()        {            var MyTextFileDataSet = new TextFileDataSet.TextFileDataSet();            using (var filestream = new FileStream("//Path to file", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read,FileShare.None))            {                MyTextFileDataSet.ContentExpression = new Regex(@"^(?<date>[^ ]+) (?<time>[^A-Z]+) (?<errorMessage>[^[]+) \[1\] (?<programName>[^.]+)[.](?<formName>[^.]+)[.](?<event>[^ ]+)[^a-z]+(?<username>[^:]+):(?<message>[^.]+).+$", RegexOptions.Multiline);                MyTextFileDataSet.Fill(filestream);                filestream.Flush();                filestream.Dispose();            }

what can i do as when im trying to reload the statistics and IOException is unhandled, maybe you can help me please? as i already said sorry for spamming
Sigmond Gatt 9-Aug-18 1:36am View
hi thanks you for your solution , small question : what is the purpose of taskscheduler ?
Sigmond Gatt 8-Aug-18 9:01am View
I tried what you told me and this is the error :
an object refence is required for that non-static field, method or proeprty 'MainPage.generatingStatistics()'

maybe i need to invoke the method ?? don't know just asking.
Sigmond Gatt 8-Aug-18 8:56am View
please see the comment of solution 1 , maybe you can help me please :)
Sigmond Gatt 8-Aug-18 8:50am View
i tried that already but it won't let me as the method need to be static.
When i tried to put the method static it won't let me update the labels etc...

Maybe you can help me pleasE ? sorry for spamming
Sigmond Gatt 7-Aug-18 3:10am View
how can i do that ? is there a type of tutorial or something .. sorry i'm still a student.
Sigmond Gatt 26-Jul-18 4:05am View
i dont need the full connection string , i just want the user and password of that connection string.
Sigmond Gatt 26-Jul-18 4:05am View
i need to make them available for everyone whoever is using this application
Sigmond Gatt 25-Jul-18 1:24am View
i will try to do it :) thanks
Sigmond Gatt 25-Jul-18 1:21am View
any good tutorial i can follow ? and i dont need threadin with backgroundworker right ?
Sigmond Gatt 24-Jul-18 9:24am View
i will in a minute.
Sigmond Gatt 24-Jul-18 9:23am View
because i will do the work on a thread and the spinning on another thread
Sigmond Gatt 12-Jul-18 5:35am View
ohh ok i will try it. thank you :)
Sigmond Gatt 12-Jul-18 5:33am View
yeah good question kornfeld. This solution is wrong.
Sigmond Gatt 12-Jul-18 5:31am View
why T2.TYPE <> 1? .. will make any difference?
Sigmond Gatt 12-Jul-18 5:30am View
ohh sorry, i've updated the solution.
Sigmond Gatt 12-Jul-18 5:03am View
the client needs to have both types to be selected. i have found the solution you can look at in the solution section.
Sigmond Gatt 27-Jun-18 3:45am View
hi original , thanks for answer my question :). small question
i did this to my long running code :

this.Invoke((MethodInvoker)delegate ()
{ ...

this is working perferctly but the animated gif is not working. it will just appear.
Sigmond Gatt 29-Mar-18 7:42am View
thanks i will :)
Sigmond Gatt 29-Mar-18 1:45am View
i dont have an idea from where im going to begin and how im going to pull certain data from a txt file. im still a student and will appreciate if you help me thanks.
Sigmond Gatt 19-Feb-18 14:03pm View
i only have the hard copy of what i want.. the easiest way is to ask for soft copy ?
Sigmond Gatt 9-Feb-18 10:12am View
wow, that seems interesting. I will go into more detail about this. thank you :)
Sigmond Gatt 9-Feb-18 10:06am View
wow, that seems interesting. I will go into more detail about this. thank you :)
Sigmond Gatt 9-Feb-18 8:05am View
c# sorry but i cannot find where i can edit my question :/... originalgriff understand it ...
Sigmond Gatt 9-Feb-18 8:04am View
but the problem is that i am going to have the same amount of if statements, there is a way that i can reduce them please ?
Sigmond Gatt 9-Feb-18 7:44am View
then I can call select[index] , right ?
Sigmond Gatt 27-Sep-17 3:40am View
and what can I do instead of ex: this.card_brand?

PS: These are all combo boxes and the 2 textboxes I have only accepts numbers.
Sigmond Gatt 26-Sep-17 6:31am View
thanks graeme , there is something else that i can change ? i just need to learn optimization
Sigmond Gatt 20-Sep-17 3:39am View
yes, i did that and it is working right. The problem is when I changed the combo box to dropdownlist from standard. when it was standard everything works well.

maybe I need to use something else to show it. PS: the cmbeciindicator will be disabled . sorry if I do not mention it.

and the capturemethodtoeci is string not integers that why it is working i think.
Sigmond Gatt 11-Sep-17 8:25am View
there are some kind of tutorials that i can follow using c# ? thanks
Sigmond Gatt 30-Aug-17 5:39am View
OK thank you :)
Sigmond Gatt 30-Aug-17 5:23am View
Hi OriginalGriff, Thank for helping.

One small question, how can i save "MyNewCsvLine" because i have more than 1 record in that line .