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vijay_bale 11-Apr-23 9:42am View    
yes as you said above, one time only. just change that into this format and forget about that. Otherwise I have to do it manually and it will take some time to open that adjust date/time and go next and after go other like that and after changing press ok to take effect of changes and press ok in all windows to close to come back
vijay_bale 11-Apr-23 9:20am View    
not connected with any network. All systems are individual systems only
vijay_bale 11-Apr-23 9:17am View    
I am changing this because some people are not changing. That is our Country's(India) format. They are not changing because some other softwares not working properly of this problem so they are changing when ever they are loading like unilever, dabur and other companies. At loading time they are checking and if wrong format detected they are changing. This format only running in government offices and other places. curreny only that hardware people are changing because currency not changing then calculation will go wrong. our curreny is rupee in system they are changing that from dollor to rupee.
vijay_bale 11-Apr-23 8:36am View    
That is the format of our country/region. Some hardware people, after formatting system they don't change the system date format. 4% of my clients like that only.
vijay_bale 11-Apr-23 8:22am View    
I developed a billing app in that that date format is required. in some clients systems that date format maybe in other like yyyy-MMMM-dddd or any other. But we won't take that. so when ever I ran this I just changing the date format to dd/MM/yyyy which is our country/region format. For that purpose only I wrote this one not as part of that project but individual one.