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Member 12457690 26-Dec-17 14:26pm View    
Sorry if I did not explain clearly. But what I trying to do is get the code to
resize the image to what I need before it is submitted to the database.

I need it to auto size my images to 500 x 300 before inserting into database. So when I select a file and click submit button, I need the images being submitted to be size 500 x 300.
Member 12457690 8-Dec-17 23:07pm View    
DataGridView1 has list of software in Column Installed_Software, and
DataGridView2 has a list of Installed_Software. I want DataGridView2 Installed_Software Column Compared to DataGridView1 Installed_Software Column,
and what Installed_Software DataGridView2 has that DataGridView1 does not have, I want Displayed in DataGridView3. If no Difference between the DGV1 and DGV2, then have MessageBox say something like Match. I need the Values by name check, not the number of rows necessary. For exampl, DGV1 Installed_Software = MS Office 2010 and DGV2 Installed_Software = MS Office 2013, If DGV1 Dose not have it, then DGV3 needs to have it store to reflect the difference in Installed_Software between DGV1 and DGV2. Thank you. I'm really been trying to figure this out. Your help is appreciated.
Member 12457690 9-Mar-17 10:13am View    
Can you demonstrate your point in using the layers. Code please, Thank you.