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MarcusCole6833 7-Apr-21 14:23pm View    
 var query = from d in _context.Documents
                join u in _context.Users on d.UserID equals u.Id
                join p in _context.Positions on u.Id equals p.UserID
                where d.UserID.ToString() == userId 
                select new { d, u,p };

are you asking the SQL equivalent of the LINQ

I would look here for a start here
MarcusCole6833 12-Jan-21 9:34am View    
MarcusCole6833 10-Sep-20 15:38pm View    
thank you
MarcusCole6833 3-Sep-20 14:14pm View    
i will work with your changes tonight, thank you Ladies and Gents!
MarcusCole6833 3-Sep-20 14:13pm View    
thank you