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Comments by Keith O. Williams (Top 6 by date)

Keith O. Williams 23-Sep-17 0:27am View
It's a tabbed web browser project I found on Code Project. It's open source and be downloaded for free. Once you look at it, you will know what I am referring to. Google it, then go to the YouTube video for a link to the project.
Keith O. Williams 18-Jul-14 15:33pm View
What codec should I be using and how do I incorporated to my code?
Keith O. Williams 11-Jul-14 15:43pm View
How I do that? I am very new to this.
Keith O. Williams 11-Jul-14 12:29pm View
Basically when someone click on the link WastedEm in my game form, I want the user to be able to go to the FormWasteEm.xaml file.
Keith O. Williams 10-Jul-14 10:10am View
I found the reference that is null at runtime

If Not fObj Is Nothing Then
End If

Any suggestions on how to clear up this error?
Keith O. Williams 2-Jul-14 19:24pm View
I am creating a browser using Visual Basic Professional 2010 and I had included a Games form in the project and on that form there is a list of games. I would like to add the Pong Clone project I got on the internet to my browser under the games form. However, the Pong Clone project is written in Visual C# 2010 and I would like to convert the project to Visual Basic.NET before adding it to my project. How I go about doing that?

My original post is wrong. The original code for the Pong Clong project is written in Visual C# not C++ or C++/CLI. Is conversion possible and if so, do I need to create an actual form and connect the menu class to it?

Like this:

Public Class FormScoontzPong

Private Property SPMenu As Object

Private Sub FormScoontzPong_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
End Sub
End Class