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KasGuest 9-Dec-14 20:50pm View    
Thanks @BillWoodruff, it worked!
KasGuest 9-Dec-14 4:41am View    
Thanks sir,
"It seems to me you want an architecture like MDI, where there's one master Form and other Container Controls appear within it, and you don't want multiple independent Windows (Forms) that can be positioned anywhere on the screen".
Yes, you right. Like you said, i want to create a single Master Form contain a tab control, in one tabpage divided it into two parts, like this:
Can you point me how to do it to show different page in a single tabpage when i click on different items in sidebar?

I don't like MDI, too. I think it's old architecture and unsuitable with modern UI.

Here is PageSlider:
and slide panel
Slide panel
KasGuest 9-Dec-14 3:41am View    
Sorry! :))
KasGuest 8-Dec-14 12:25pm View    
Hi @BillWoodruff,
I want to display all Forms in a MainForm and not Wizard. It have a navbar, when i click items of it, new page will display, like this:
In DotNetBar ( has a control called page slider, slide pane can solve this, but it not perfect and difficult to use.
Have another library?
KasGuest 2-Apr-14 23:00pm View    
Thanks everyone!
@Andrew Cherednik, i forget rename table to Mobile in my MobileList.accdb!