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Comments by Sumit Rastogi SRA (Top 7 by date)

Sumit Rastogi SRA 17-Mar-14 10:26am View    
I don't want ready-made solution .I already done all those thing I am stucking only while I am trying to set channel like 12, 13,123, so on.
Sumit Rastogi SRA 3-Mar-14 1:28am View    
Hello Amit,

Thanks for your reply but I can't use paid library if you know any library which is open source then it would really help me.
Sumit Rastogi SRA 3-Mar-14 1:26am View    
Hello Ahmed,

Sorry bro . I already look all these link but we can't imagine position of images in pdf which will suits same in my html document and I can't use any paid library else there is lots of paid library available.By the way , thanks a lot to try to help me.

If you can provide me best example then really it would be helpful for me else what link you have suggested that are not reaching on my requirement.
Sumit Rastogi SRA 28-Feb-14 4:59am View    
Hello Ahmed,

Thanx for your reply. But this link is not helping to me. I already wrote a html file using text extraction but i am in problem how i will put images on exact location.?
Sumit Rastogi SRA 28-Feb-14 3:39am View    
Hello Ahmed, I can build Html file using extract text but how i will put images on exact position in html file?