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christhuxavier 12-Mar-15 7:09am View    
Thank you!,
there is no issue in giving path. we have to give read/write permission in IIS users after hosting.
christhuxavier 19-Dec-14 7:41am View    
I know and tested that default is 4096KB (4MB). also increased the size upto 2GB in web.config. But my question is that is there way to upload more than 2GB video from .net to sql server?
christhuxavier 14-Oct-14 8:45am View    
yes. i used JavaScript function which returns longitude and latitude. when i test in google map with those longitude and latitude, it shows wrong place.

if you look at android, just they use "LocationManager" class. they did not pass any address or pincode. But it returns longitude and latitude after they create object for location manager. likewise MSDN has System.Device.Location namespace. But i do not know to get longitude and latitude of my device located.
christhuxavier 14-Oct-14 6:46am View    
okay. the one you put url that belongs to windows.

i am developing project using web app. how to get latitude and longitude of location
christhuxavier 14-Aug-14 0:21am View    
hi Sergey!.. thanks a lot again. i got the performance through your suggestion.