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KuttiSankar 5-Jul-13 8:55am View    
Nice; thanks for downvoting. but Muks fromUnknown from Kenya and i'm from India, how we could be friends & i dont know what profit i will get for answering. & anyway thanks. Keep on your good work.
KuttiSankar 3-Jul-13 8:27am View    
what is the meaning of downvoted? and is that my code is wrong and why it is downvoted i don't know
KuttiSankar 3-Jul-13 7:05am View    
Yes I understand, But it is just small help to write code for him.
KuttiSankar 1-Jul-13 6:51am View    
you can drop it after your variable declaration
KuttiSankar 30-Jun-13 6:34am View    
FURQAN-PC\REMOTETEST : is this local machine? and SQL instance name?

IP taken from remote server or checking your IP of local machine?