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Dalek Dave
CEO Ink Bucket Ltd
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Six years since my profile changed.
Still in same job, still in same country.
Earning rather more, working a lot harder.

I seem to know slightly more, which is good on the whole.

Despite my day job I am web designing, (ASP.NET now), still writing VB and VBA, but that is because of a boss who can only just understand VB and keeping my feet wet with C#.

Set up a business, still early days and enjoyable.

Still haven't been voted into public office.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
No Biography provided

Sebastian Schneider
Software Developer (Senior)
Germany Germany
I was born in 1978,
finished school in 1998,
quit university in 2001,
started an apprenticeship in 2002,
finished as a trained application developer in 2005
and have been working in electrics and automation since.

I also was a volunteer firefighter (SCBA certified) for over a decade, which I had to quit due to illness.

Additionally, I see no use in writing about myself in the third person and will leave it up to you to mail me for further information.

Web Developer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
No Biography provided

Chris Austin
United States United States
Like you guys care Smile | :)

Gary Kirkham
Team Leader
United States United States
No Biography provided

Mike Gaskey
Program Manager
United States United States
IT professional since 1964. Started "career" as a tab operator for an insurance company in Dallas. Worked my way through computer operations into programming. Highly skilled in mainframe assembler. Have participated in and led the development of large scale, commercial systems. One of six individuals that created a consulting / development company in the late 70's. Had an eleven year run before a lawsuit killed us. Have spent time since then in software / technical management positions. Love this stuff to this day. Program in C++/MFC as a hobby to maintain my sanity.

Francisco Viella
Web Developer
Spain Spain
No Biography provided

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