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Virtual Machine


Great Reads

by Dark Daskin
Article describes how to build an assembly that exposes functions to unmanaged code without C++/CLI
by Lionel LASKE
Learn how to develop an application for the XO laptop - the OLPC project's machine - using Mono on Sugar OS.
by Stefan Savev 2
Describes how to dump information from the C# parse tree
by RockmanZero
An extendable report editor. You can simply add your own controls without recompiling the program or writing annoying plug-ins.

Latest Articles

by Kevin Mack
Some resources to help with Artificial Intelligence in Azure if you are looking for some demos to show the “art of the possible” or tools to start
by OwenDavies
Using Terraform to create an Azure Virtual Machine
by Kevin Mack
How to create your first module in Terraform
by OwenDavies
Windows Azure portal has the full breadth of Azure visually displayed for you to see your Azure subscription and discover new things on the platform. But manually clicking through to provision a new VM or restart a VM isn’t the dream.

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Virtual Machine 

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22 Feb 2011
Dirk C De Winnaar
In my time working with VM (Microsoft or Linux), it's also great to create your images on separate HDDs. That makes your access to Virtual OSs better and speeds things up. Example: Run your Main OS from C Drive and other VM Images from slave drives on your PC. You will be suprised at how much...
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19 Dec 2013
Marin Cokarić
Configuring Apache vhosts to access subdomain from outside of local network on Microsoft Windows Azure platform
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31 Aug 2013
Michael Engstler
This tip is about how to setup Kernel-Mode Debugging in a VM using Visual Studio 2012.
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6 Feb 2011
User 2623109
Make this ndk-gdb finally work with threads