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Great Reads

by Stuart Wheelwright
Using ServiceMon to obtain performance statistics for web services
by linush
Explains how to mock test an EF Model-First project using ADO.NET Entity Data Model template
by Christian Koberg
Console output, general applicable to all executables on a Windows system
by jmix90
In this post, we will see how to make a custom control fully useable in a Coded UI Tests scenario.

Latest Articles

by Yevgeniy Shunevych
An introduction to Atata C#/.NET web UI test automation full-featured framework based on Selenium WebDriver
by Peter Huber SG
Using a RAM disk instead of an SSD drive prevents an early death of the SSD and the tests run even faster.
by Tomáš Růt
This article describes how to create a test project that allows you to both write and fully debug in TypeScript source files.
by hexgear
Chalba is an open source hackable load testing tool. Chalab is inspired from jmeter, gatling, grinder like tool.

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