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by fabio bussu
MatchKit is a .NET Library that provides a set of classes to build patterns to match simple and complex strings
by honey the codewitch
How to provide custom formatters for string.Format() in C#
by honey the codewitch
BinaryReader needs a better way to read strings and types. Here's a quick and dirty fix
by Jeffijoe
Writing properly formatted, grammatically correct, translatable UI messages

Latest Articles

by Brian C Hart
Example of how to use the caret (^) in Regexes that have specific matching requirements
by Jovibor
String to number conversion library, for char and wchar_t strings
by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny
Converts MathML coded string to/from plain text string
by David Wincelberg
Strings that differ by typos can be matched.

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21 Apr 2014 by fabio bussu
MatchKit is a .NET Library that provides a set of classes to build patterns to match simple and complex strings
19 Nov 2012 by Jim Meadors
String manipulation of XML files
14 Jun 2012 by JesseChisholm
FormatEx is a method that allows structuring formatting placeholders indirectly from arguments.
23 Jan 2020 by Robert van Engelen
Classic globbing and modern gitignore-style globbing algorithms can be fast, whereas recursive implementations are known to blow up exponentially; why some freely available source code should not be used.
14 Aug 2015 by DrABELL
This is an alternative for "Fastest method to trim all whitespace from Strings in .NET"
9 Jan 2017 by kdmote
A simple program to translate numbers into their textual representation. (To turn 1013 into "one thousand, thirteen").
27 Feb 2018 by #realJSOP
Spell it out! No! Wait!
11 May 2011 by SimmoTech
A useful class now twice as fast.
5 Oct 2016 by Vladyslav Chernysh
Simple library that parses a string according to custom patterns.
1 May 2012 by Shivprasad koirala
Here we will discuss about Strings and Stringbuffer in .NET.
8 Mar 2018 by Alex the Green Apple
C library defining string type and string manipulation functions
13 Sep 2016 by matt warren
Strings and the CLR - a special relationship
30 Jul 2015 by Felipe R. Machado
There are countless ways to trim all whitespace from a string, but which one is faster?
19 Apr 2012 by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Many Windows C++ programmers get confused over what bizarre data type identifiers like TCHAR and LPCTSTR are. Here, in brief, I will try to clear out the fog.
7 Mar 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article is for the concept of Random URLs and how they can be generated in ASP.NET for creating Random URLs for your application.
19 Oct 2010 by "Fish" (David B. Trout)
Simple parsing of VS_VERSIONINFO version information strings displayed in an XP-style file-properties "Version" tab
8 May 2018 by BenHall_io
It's worthwhile knowing the what, when and why to improving string comparison performance. In this article, I will explore one way, string interning.
24 Feb 2014 by PJ Arends
A C++ class that makes it easy to print text in clearly defined rows and columns
16 Dec 2010 by Avi Farah
Allow for constructs within a string to be programmatically evaluated for a final string value
17 Jan 2013 by Guirec
This article will introduce you with a set of 3 simple extension methods that can help you getting rid of Regex in many situations
30 Sep 2016 by Sergey Kizyan
This is the second lecture from my series. It is related to work with text data and concentrated on such types as char, string, SrtingBuilder and SecureString
12 Jul 2021 by David Wincelberg
Strings that differ by typos can be matched.
5 Nov 2018 by thorssig
html2struct parses HTML code into a simple tree-like structure of objects and provides a little tool-set for extracting data from it
21 Feb 2016 by Shvetsov Evgeniy
String class with the auto. managed memory pool and performance tweaks + support modules
12 Dec 2013 by Mehmet Murat TANDOĞAN
How to use jQuery mobile autocomplete in ASP.NET using generic handler(.ashx) file with database connection.
11 Feb 2015 by Aydin Homay
In the software implementing business synchronizing structures/templates of the database entities with Data Access Layer SQL (commands/Transactions) is the most expensive thinks because you need to re-implement when you have change/s in your entities structure's such as Data-type, Name, and etc.
4 Dec 2013 by Sergii Syrovatchenko
This article includes examples of T-SQL capabilities that allow to perform string concatenation flexibly and effectively through the use of different constructs.
10 Mar 2014 by EiadXP
This is a very fast way to access string (or other) data with minimum memory consumption.
21 Oct 2020 by Sanmayce
A fulltext CLI tool reporting number of exact matches, FAST!
6 Aug 2012 by Ravi Teja Pidaparthi
A Case Study to explore ways to customize and improve WCF by overriding the default serialization behaviour
18 May 2010 by Sarang Date
Code illustrations of various string reversal algorithms in C#
25 May 2016 by Shvetsov Evgeniy
Numbers (positive AND negative integral/fractional) to english/russian words