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Great Reads

by Tim Smith
Color picker control for WTL applications including optional support for XP themes
by AlanW
A WTL tree control that supports Windows Vista style selection and multiple selection
by Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
by Michael Dunn
How to use power status notifications to make your applications conserve power when necessary.

Latest Articles

by Clifford Nelson
Shows how to set DataContext of View to itself using XAML and discusses the advantages of INotifyPropertyChanged to DependencyProperty
by Taehoon Kim 1004
Capture program using GDI
by Suarte
A hands on example of domain driven design - Part 3
by Timo Kunze
Use undocumented parts of the Windows Vista list view API to enhance your application.

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