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Great Reads

by Raymund Macaalay
How to migrate Team Foundation Server's SQL Server to another SQL Server (same or new version)
by Suresh Malluri
Team Foundation Server is an ALM tool. It can be extended as per the business requirement. Controls can be created so as to populate them on the work item form. We can add additional business functionality by creating the controls. The API provided by TFS makes this possible.
by DannyVarod
Fast, stable and powerful creation of NuGet packages
by KevinPo
How to navigate and program against the Release Management API, even though it does not have official documentation.

Latest Articles

by Randy Kroeger
Build server fails when executing the Universal Download Task
by Mykola Tarasyuk
Bulk generation of tasks in TFS
by PlebProgrammer
Retrieving TFS test case parameters using C#
by Santosh Vijay Patil
Continuous Testing using Newman (Postman) on TFS 2017 with Docker

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