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by Bryan O'Connell, rcarlson-cayen, Cayen Systems
Information and observations from an Agile transformation at a small software company in Milwaukee, WI.
by Sheikh Jubair
This article is about how to implement domain driven design and take care of the complexity of complex software in the domain of the software with DDD.
by TheCodeKing
This article considers what is needed for traditional corporations to transform from an enterprise mindset and become agile.
by R. Giskard Reventlov
A view on agile and possible future alternatives...

Latest Articles

by raddevus
7 Step Outline will help you communicate quickly and clearly to team about System Creation / Code Changes
by André Marcos, Andre Seiji Goto
This web based tool aims to incentivize and facilitate the collaborators experience into internal assessment process in a development Agile environment
by Habibur Rony
It focuses on project management lifecycle process, software development lifecycle process, methodologies, agile, waterfall, rapid application development; scrum & extreme programming framework.
by Lukasz Szyrmer
Given increasingly shorter time frames for product life cycles, time is an increasingly undervalued resource.

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