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Iam using VS 2012, MS office 2013, i don't know how to solve this error in c# program?
An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException' occurred in System.Data.dll
Additional information: The Microsoft Office Access database engine cannot find the input table or query 'Mobile'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly.
Can you help me!
I want to connect the database in access 2013. My code here:

public class Mobile
        public string MId { set; get; }
        public string MName { set; get; }
        public string MProducer { set; get; }
        public int MProductYear { set; get; }
        public float MCost { set; get; }

public BindingList<Mobile> GetAll()
            BindingList<Mobile> list = new BindingList<Mobile>();

            string connectionString = @"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\MobileList.accdb;";
            using (OleDbConnection connection = new OleDbConnection(connectionString))

                string sql = "select * from Mobile"; // Mid, MName, Mproducer, MProductionYear, MCost

                OleDbCommand command = new OleDbCommand(sql, connection);
                OleDbDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();

                while (reader.Read())
                    string id = (string)reader["MobileId"];
                    string name = (string)reader["Name"];
                    string producer = (string)reader["Producer"];
                    int productYear = (int)reader["Production year"];
                    float cost = (float)reader["Cost"];

                    list.Add(new Mobile() { MId = id, MName = name, MProducer = producer, MProductYear = productYear, MCost = cost });

            return list;

Error in OleDbDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader(); when i debug
And i had created new database many times
Maciej Los 2-Apr-14 14:48pm    
Try to around table name with [] brackets and add ; at the end of sql statement.
Krunal Rohit 2-Apr-14 14:50pm    
He's right. Try that out.

chaau 2-Apr-14 18:27pm    
Does your MobileList.accdb contain a table called Mobile?
KasGuest 2-Apr-14 23:00pm    
Thanks everyone!
@Andrew Cherednik, i forget rename table to Mobile in my MobileList.accdb!

Adding one answer to move it from unanswered list.
Thanks everyone!
@Andrew Cherednik, i forget rename table to Mobile in my MobileList.accdb!
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Sorry, my MobileList.accdb not contain a table "Mobile"
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BillWoodruff 9-Dec-14 21:21pm    
Please post replies to questions, or comments as comments, not solutions.

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