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hi all.
i want to create a Database window application.
What do you recommend? C# or Delphi
Which is more efficient for this task? tell your reason and help me
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:14am    
Are you taking interview? You should work with C#, as well as Delphi, then if you face any problem during working, post it here. We're here not to recommend, but to solve questioins. I hope you understand. Thank You.

You should choose the one you are more comfortable with. Both of them are good choices.
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Ron Beyer 1-Dec-13 10:22am    
+5 for the most relevant answer, the best language is the one you know.
CPallini 1-Dec-13 10:29am    
Thank you.
Trouble with posting a question like this in Quick answers is that once you have one "answer" then your question drops out of the list and not many people will view it.

You might be better off posting it in one of the General Programming forums as it is really about a discussion rather than a "Quick Answer"

C# for me ... purely subjective response so can't give a decent reason, other than there seem to be more contracts available in C# than Delphi
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Oh C# all the way. You can do so much more with C# than delph. C# has framework updated from microsoft enabling it to be more and more powerfull, faster. GUI designing in C# will be much more easier than programming in DELPHI. Also with C# you have the pre build libraries for database programming in connecting to mysql and the access database types. Please choose C# not delphi.
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Prefer C#

as we all here to guide and help dot net developers.
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Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:09am    
Wrong...Not only help .NET Developers but others also as CodeProject is for all Developers. And one thing it should not be a reason to prefer C#.
Karthik_Mahalingam 1-Dec-13 11:12am    
if he chooses this forum, then this is the suitable answer :)
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:17am    
:) @ karthik mahalingam01
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Dec-13 12:11pm    
Bad idea.

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