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how to bind a data table column to text box( 2 way).

i am data binding columns of a data table to text boxes on a form like

textBox1.DataBindings.Add("Text", dt, "MedName");

and using currency manager for navigation like

cm = (CurrencyManager)this.BindingContext[dt];.

i am using a command builder object. I am able to populate and navigate through records.

i want add, delete, update, functionality to this form.
Can any one guide me??????
Updated 29-Nov-13 23:19pm
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 3:03am    
Not clear...Try to write the question in simple way and proper english.
phl123 30-Nov-13 3:42am    
should i use currency manager.AddNew(); for adding a new record(how?) or binding manger. can u guide me to a tutorial.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 3:47am    
I think you should use GridView control for CRUD operation as it is better. Follow the link below to work with GridView.
phl123 30-Nov-13 3:58am    
i am asked to use text boxes. can u explain how to add a new record in bound text boxes using currency manager?
phl123 30-Nov-13 8:50am    
i think, using currency manager to add new record is not a good idea. Rather i am switching
to binding source. Lost my day with this coz of old vb guys. Part of learning huh.....
Going to learn about binding source.
Many thanx for trying to help me :D

1 solution

Read this Article to work with GridView.
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