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I have this code:

If Len(txtSalary.Text) = 0 Or Len(txtmCover.Text) = 0 Or Len(txtMember.Text) = 0 Or Len(txtmRate.Text) = 0 Then

       MsgBox "Enter Values"

        tsql = "INSERT INTO Hpacc4(SalaryBill,Rate,Membership,Cover) " & _
               "VALUES('" & txtSalary.Text & "','" & txtmCover & "', '" & txtMember.Text & "', '" & txtmRate.Text & "')" & _
               "WHERE Scheme = '99993' AND RunMonth = '200604' AND AccCode = '110'"

       cnHPtest.Execute (tsql)

    End If

When I run it I get an error at my WHERE caluse, please help. I can't see where I went wrong there.
Richard MacCutchan 18-Nov-13 8:25am    
Please do not expect people to guess what the error is.
scottgp 18-Nov-13 8:27am    
What do you expect the WHERE clause to do in this insert statement?
phil.o 18-Nov-13 9:03am    
As there still has been stated:
- what is the purpose of a WHERE clause in an INSERT statement? what are you trying to do exactly?
- without the exact error message we are just bound to guess your problem
- your code is opened to SQL injection attacks ; please use parameterized queries instead of concatenating string like you do to construct your SQL query
- what is the DB type of the following columns: SalaryBill, Rate, Membership, Cover?

You can't use a WHERE clause in an Insert statement like this. You need to rethink what you are trying to accomplish and re-write. Perhaps you need to remove the WHERE altogether or perhaps you mean to insert those values into the table as well.
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1-Your insert statement is not in the right order (Salary, Rate, Membership, Cover)
as your text boxes.
2-There is no 'Where' when doing an Insert.
3-you probably want to do an Update instead :

Update Hpacc4
Set SalaryBill = txtSalary.Text,
Rate = txtmCover.Text,
Cover = txtmCover.text
WHERE Scheme = '99993' AND RunMonth = '200604' AND AccCode = '110'

(make sure you use the appropriate quotes in code, the above statement
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