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I need some help.
I have 4 tables called pr_projet (id_proj, id_client,lib_proj), 0_client (id_client, id_contact, nom_client), 0_contact (id_contact, nom_contact, id_client) and pr_contactprojet(id_contactproj, id_proj, id_contact)
I need to display a table where we have the lib_proj, nom_client, nom_contact.
My query :
SELECT pr_projet.lib_proj, 0_contact.nom_contact, 0_client.nom_client
FROM pr_projet, 0_contact, 0_client
WHERE pr_projet.id_client = 0_client.id_client
AND pr_projet.id_proj = 0_contact.id_proj
GROUP BY lib_proj

It displays only projects that have one or more contact(s) If my project does not have a contact it is not displayed. How can I do?

Updated 2-Jul-13 1:53am
Shafeequl 2-Jul-13 7:24am    
I think you have to use join
jaideepsinh 2-Jul-13 7:31am    
Why you not use join instead of this method.
scottgp 2-Jul-13 7:38am    
Not sure what database you're using, but it looks like you need an OUTER join
stephane1301 2-Jul-13 7:41am    
Thanks to all
I will try to use join

Try this, this might help

SELECT PP.lib_proj, CL.nom_client, CC.nom_contact
FROM pr_projet PP
INNER JOIN O_client CL ON PP.id_client = CL.id_client
LEFT OUTER JOIN O_contact CC ON CC.id_client = CL.id_client

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if you want to use GROUP BY then you have to take all columns in group by.
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First, your AND statment:
AND pr_projet.id_proj = 0_contact.id_proj

use 0_contact.id_proj, but that field is not listed in the table structure, so I'm assuming it should be there.

Second, here is my best guess at to what will help.
SELECT pr_projet.lib_proj, 0_contact.nom_contact, 0_client.nom_client
from pr_projet left outer join 0_contact on pr_projet.id_proj = 0_contact.id_proj
left outer 0_client on pr_projet.id_client = 0_client.id_client

Also, since you do not have an aggregate field (count, sum, max, min), you do not need a group by clause.

Hope this helps.

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