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I am new in ASP.NET,now i have to creat a user control where i have to use asp:gridview with in gridview .i did perfectly,but its not shown proper align as like parent griedview column.

So,i don't know how can i do ,if anyone have an idea please share with me .

Updated 17-Jun-13 1:35am
Nelek 17-Jun-13 6:40am    
What have you tried?[^]
If you add some relevant code about the problem it will be easier to spot out the error.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Jun-13 6:47am    
5'ed! I think CP should start voting comments too
Debopam Pal 19-Nov-13 10:51am    
Please provide any links which is related to the answer of this question. Don't give hope that doesn't fulfill. Thank You:)
Nelek 21-Nov-13 12:00pm    
I didn't give any hope. I just gave a link to correct the style of asking questions, so that the OP learn how to get faster and better help.
It might be that it is not related to the question here, but it is something helpful for future questions.

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[no name] 17-Jun-13 6:45am    
yes,i already tried these refered links ,but unfortunately not getting any help.
Actually i need proper align with parent and child gridview column
Nelek 17-Jun-13 11:00am    
Have you read the link I post you in the comment above? Without more information it is very hard to help you.
Check this link. It will help you, I'm sure as I write it for you:) Thank You.
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