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I just wrote this code to concatenate two wide characters strings. Could someone please comment if it looks OK? (seems to work at least).

1. SomeStringClass amount = Window->get_text();
2. wchar_t strAmount[100] = L"Amount: "; // I know I could remove 100 from here too
3. wchar_t *ptr = wcscat( strAmount, amount.c_str() );
4.  SomeStringClass  finalStr;
5. finalStr.set(ptr, 10 /* 10 is roughly due to length of Amount line 2*/ + amount.length());

Now, finalStr contains what I wanted, e.g., "Amount: 123"
Updated 23-May-13 1:43am
Mohibur Rashid 23-May-13 7:50am    
if you are using MFC
then try CString amount=...
CString strAmout=L"Amount : "
CString finalStr;
finalStr.Format("%s%d", strAmou, amount);
Dan page 23-May-13 8:13am    
no, it's not MFC
CPallini 23-May-13 8:12am    
Looks a lot of unnecessary code. For instance, what's the usefulness of the amount variable?
Dan page 23-May-13 8:13am    
it's there to retrieve value of amount entered by user on display
CPallini 23-May-13 8:19am    
Well, you may use directly Window->get_text() result, right?

1 solution

SomeStringClass amount = Window->get_text();
wchar_t strAmount[100];
int swprintf(strAmount, L"Amount: %s", amount);
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